Glass Bottle Beer Tunnel Pasteurizer

Glass Bottle Beer Tunnel Pasteurizer

Flash Pasteurizers utilize HTST pasteurization. This stands for high temperature short time. They are typically heating in-line at temperatures between 165F to 180F.
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Flash Pasteurizers

Flash Pasteurizers utilize HTST pasteurization. This stands for high temperature short time. They are typically heating in-line at temperatures between 165F to 180F. The price of these varies drastically depending on the required flow rate. One of the downsides to flash pasteurization is that the product is not in a bottle or can yet. It can still become infected by yeast or bacteria downline. Everything downline must be completely sterile. You’d hate to recall an entire batch due one or two bottles/cans exploding.


Tunnel Pasteurizers 

Tunnel Pasteurizers are massive units and have strict power, water, air, and heating requirements. They utilize a conveyor belt. Cans and bottles are entered one one end and the conveyor belt runs very slowly. They use steam and water in different zones to heat and cool the packaged wine. They are also costly to run and take up a lot of space.  The largest benefit is the volume that they can handle and overpasteurization, while isn’t a problem for many beverages, isn’t an issue with tunnels because you can precisely adjust the temperature in each zone.


Main Function and Feature

1. Can customize according to customers requirement to achieve optimum technological effect.

2. Germany’s JUMO PID regulator, PID closed-loop control, temperature control precision up to 0.1 degree.

3. Using SIEMENS PLC+HMI control, the production process can be displayed on the HMI clearly, temperature curve can be traced back to 100 days.

4. The main components all adopt international brand, to ensure the product quality. Heat exchanger is Shanghai NANHUA or Denmark Sondex A/S brand, The regulator is UK SpiraxSarco brand, electromagnetic flow meter is the United States Anderson-Negele brand, and water pumps is Denmark Grundfos brand.

5. Can be combined with the CIP system and achieve fully clean effect, to ensure the quality of production.

Typical process parameters of beer processing:


Beer-in Tem

Sterilization Tem

Holding time(s)

Beer-out Tem






Technical Parameters:



Technical process


Steam pressure

>2.5 bar

Ice water flow rate


Compressed air pressure

>6 bar

Steam consumption


Ice water energy consumption




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