500L Beer Equipment Fermenter Tank Fermenting

500L Beer Equipment Fermenter Tank Fermenting

Through the function of yeast and temperature control, wort will be converted into beer in fermenter. The fermentation cycle is commonly 7-20 days.
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Through the function of yeast and temperature control, wort will be converted into beer in fermenter. The fermentation cycle is commonly 7-20 days.

The design of the fermenter is generally a double-layer tank with a thermal insulation layer and an ice water jacket, which is advantageous for temperature control. Different temperature control methods can bring different flavors and taste to beer. In addition, the fermenter also needs to be equipped with pressure control accessories - safety valves and mechanical pressure relief valves. Because the fermentation produces carbon dioxide, the pressure inside the tank becomes larger, the excessive pressure needs to be released, and a part of the carbon dioxide is retained, which makes the taste of the drink more refreshing.

The tank body is welded with high quality SUS304 steel plate, and all valve components are also made of SUS304. The following is a list of configurations for reference only:

Standard features:

Material: Sanitary SUS304 or 316 according to your request.

Polyurethane insulation layer, 80/100mm

Top/side pressure manhole for cleaning.

CIP spraying ball for cleaning.

Vertical type, 60°/75° degree conical bottom

Mechanical pressure relief valve

Dimple plate cooling jacket.

Cooling water inlet and outlet

Sample valve

CIP connections

Wort inlet and yeast outlet

Racking arm

Temperature and pressure gauges

PT 100


Optional parts:

Carbonation stone

2 top pipe design

Level indicator

Top dry hopping port




5000L fermenters


3000L fermenters


1000L fermenters



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