Used Nano Brewery Equipment For Sale---Which Is Better, A Glass Bottle Or An Aluminum Can?

- Aug 22, 2019-

Which is better, a glass bottle or an aluminum can?

The keep fresh and security

The supporter which canned beer thinks aluminum can be better and more fresh than bottles, but also have people think the canned beer will make beer drink has a kind of metal smell. In many years ago, the liner of can is one kind of controversial epoxy resin—BPA, it was thought has a mildly virulent. In the past few years, much cheap beer is both use this material.

The aluminum can can block sunlight to the greatest extent to avoid the sunshine erode, but the glass is more better insulation than aluminum can, under the long-trip transportation of non-cold chains, the canned beer is easily to rise temperature to break the taste, therefore you will find, canned beer is not stable like people thought, especially after the long-distance of cross sea transportation, so deteriorate beer which leads by the temperature is more common in the canned beer.


At this point, canned aluminum is more be better than glass bottles, the aluminum can is more lighter, easy to transport, as same as strong and sturdy. In the meantime, the canned beer has also connected deeply with backpacker culture, with two cans of beer to travel looks more normal than usual, but no one will go out with two glass bottles, this only makes you think like a drunk alcoholics.


The carbon footprint of glass bottles is higher than aluminum can, and in the recycle apart, the aluminum can recovery efficiency is also higher than it. From garbage to finished product, the recycle rate of aluminum can be up to 96%, but glass bottles’ recycle rate is only 30. For the customer, the price of outer packing is lower, they can buy their favorite beer. For the surrounding, The greenhouse gas of canned beer production is less 20% than glass bottles. In the sustainability aspect, aluminum can have most of the advantages.