The Origin Of Beer

- Jun 25, 2019-

The development of home brewed

Beer developed with the development of home brewing, either in the ancient nor the modern. When people learned to ferment and brew with use the spare foods, alcoholic beverage already have been correlate with the human. Obviously, in that time the home brewing are both started with home as a unit.

At first, brewing is same like any one the other traditional technologies through from generation to generation passed down. It has neither special barley malt nor yeast strain, no more say the cleaning, temperature control. Until in the middle of century, monks in the abbey stand in the brewing history stage, also because of the abbey broken the limit of traditional home brewing as a unit, leads to the brewing industry bud. But, among the middle of century families, they still reserved the tradition of beer brewed and mainly women occupy the major position in the home brewed. The meaning of beer for the people in the middle century is not a way to nutritional supplement, but also is clear water source. So even if the children, they also drink the beer. 

With big maritime navigation era came, the appearance of first beer hops caused the end of Gruttt’s monopoly era. Then, the wealthy people in that society can manager a well-designed the brewery. But for the most of people, beer brewing is still like a craft, the home-based brewing is not reduced.

Brewery- aspects that people are not familiar with

Brew high quality craft beer, it can be said the top priority for many brewery. From beer bottles, beer tags, visual effects of liquid color to the aroma, taste, taste experience, all of these can make the customers  intuitively feel charm of this brewery.

But for lots of brewers, you maybe just see a part of them, and after a brand, it has  a spirit rooted a craft culture that we often said.

For example, many breweries pay attention to the protect of environment, repay to society, find the balance of people with nature. A cup of beer is not only a pleasure in the sense, but also can be related together closely make people and this world. Lots of people think that due to the limit of scope and size for craft brewery, will make the brewers is although willing to do but in fact they can't do too much in the environment protect and repay to society of this respect. Like solar panels will spend them many fund, so many small- craft breweries are both in the basic balance of income or even the input are more than income situation. But the facts are not so, every situation can be find ways by brewers to get along with nature.

New Belgium Brewing brewery gradually abolished  the paper packing on the bottles beer , so it helps them to reduce 460 tons usage amount of paper plate. Moreover, they also have more than five hundreds of waste collect places, and check each kinds of waste to find the best scrapped ways. Now, they have successful transfer 99.9% waste material.


Even the New Belgium Brewing brewery set up the special foundation to spread environment education, help the special groups, and assist the public welfare organization, the development of agriculture  etc….