Some Trivia You Didn't Know About The Home Brewery

- Jul 15, 2019-

The most part of Muslim country, have strict limit for alcohol drinks, because of religions belief. legal, moral, belief, education are four kinds of factors both restrict for group and personal behavior, that is why some rules can be continue for the long time, therefore these four factors have large overlap areas. But, in the different background of cultures, politic, ethics, there are lots of difference. About the mainly beer prohibition passed by have legal restriction, they have it selves difference. At present, Afghanistan nationals prohibit own and drink alcohol. But Afghanistan government provide business certificate to many stores , allow to sale alcohol drinks to the foreign reporter and tourists, the foreigner which enter to Afghanistan  can be allowed to bring two bottles or two liters alcohol drinks. In the Bangladesh, according to the local law, every drinks that have more than 0.5% alcohol can all be though as alcohol drinks. Bangladesh’s alcohol drinks are limit and regulate. Wherever you are, drink beer and sale alcohol drinks are not allowed. However, non-Muslims believer live in there or travel are not limit by this law in the Bangladesh, and some restaurants, hotels and bar, especially those travels scenic spots, a lot of places can also buy alcohol drinks in legal.

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In fact, beer are not must be by four materials make up. According to the definition, beer is one of alcohol drinks that usually use grain and malt, hops to add flavor and fermented. That is also mean, not each one beer must use malt, hops and yeast. In the past, brewers also usually use others spice or herbaceous plant to add flavor.

There are also appear to beer that not use any yeast, and even use microbes to brew, for example Stella Artois, according to the brewers said, this beer is not add none of any yeast, on the contrary, use biological enzyme instead of yeast function. 

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