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- Aug 22, 2019-

Equipment Recommendation: 100L Mini Craft Brewing Equipment

Beer is one of the oldest and most intoxicating beverages consumed by humans in the liquor culture.No matter what country you come from, beer is an indispensable drink in your life on a hot summer day, whether at dinner or at a party with friends.

Under the impact of various cultures, people now divide beer into industrial beer and craft beer.Many people are confused by the difference between craft beer and industrial beer, which is just like the difference between taking a bus and driving a private car. Private car drivers are just like brewers of craft beer. Different people can drive different feeling of the car, and different brewers can brew different styles of beer.

The biggest style of craft beer is niche, fresh taste, rich wine flavor, rich layer, while industrial beer in order to unify the taste of finished products, usually brewing technology and style is single.Beer industry have obvious difference is caused by the different brewing technology, in order to brew a more high-quality beer, craft beer brewer will depending on the season choose different malt as the raw material, choose the professional craft beer equipment, long fermentation period, different fermentation temperature, only achievement levels of beer flavor, let person taste different emotional experience.



  In this industrial age, craft beer market is burgeoning, craft beer more and represents the pursuit of quality and grade of attitude to life, it has become a social topic, taste different fine wine is tasted, communication craft beer taste after feeling, feeling the craft culture from the wine tasting, whether with the same country or different countries, culture always mutually, wine culture as well.


  With popular craft beer, many entrepreneurs eagle1, would have targeted the fresh bread and fat, which is associated with the rise of all kinds of beer bar, beer house beer house represents one of the emerging trends in the microcosm of the liquor culture, whether in the beer house on the name of or on the indoor decoration will craft culture accurately, artistic, chic wind is beer house most representative of the label.

Here's a look at the craft beer culture.The following is the beer brewing process flow chart


The whole craft beer brewing process is mainly divided into four systems: crushing, mashing, fermentation and refrigeration.

The crushing system mainly refers to the crushing of malt. The malt pulverizer can break the malt without breaking it, which makes the malt yield high, and higher quality mash liquid can be obtained after entering the mashing system.

The mashing system is divided into four processes: mashing, filtration, boiling, suspension and sinking. In this process, the selection of raw water determines the quality of beer. In order to brew higher quality beer, professional brewers will choose professional water treatment equipment, which ensures the purity and impurity free of wine.Hops are the soul of beer. Hops added in the process of malt boiling can precipitate the protein in malt, thus clarifying wort.Hops can make the beer form a delicate and rich beer foam, and the hops also have a natural preservative power, which is of great significance for our craft beer to keep fresh for a long time.

Next, it enters the fermentation system. Beer fermentation is a process in which beer yeast ferments various enzymes and metabolizes ethanol and carbon dioxide by using fermentable substances in wort under certain conditions.The process is long enough and critical, with a steady fermentation temperature and the right yeast activity to give the beer a more layered flavor.

The quality of the refrigeration system determines the whole beer brewing process. Both the mashing system and the fermentation system need the participation of the refrigeration system. From the plate heat exchanger to the fermentation tank to the storage of beer, it all determines the quality of craft beer.

The complex brewing system also reflects the value and quality of craft beer. In order to produce a high-quality craft beer, every link should not be neglected.Not only do we have to choose our craft beer ingredients, but we also have to choose our brewing equipment.

In China, various styles of beer equipment manufacturers emerge in an endless stream. Ruijia craft brewing equipment has been holding a serious and innovative attitude, focusing on brewing equipment for 20 years, and has more than ten years of beer brewing experience.

Here are our popular mini 100L craft beer machines that are the best choice for you, whether it's a home brew or a bar.


This equipment is composed of 4 100L fermentation tanks, 1 300L ice water tank, 3P refrigerator and 100L mashing system integrating mashing, filtration, boiling and suspension, supplemented by plate heat exchanger, control cabinet and other parts.Its material selection food grade 304 stainless steel material, high-end appearance beautiful, placed in the bar is not only practical brewing equipment, but also unique charm of the decoration.In addition, this product also has a small footprint, the operating system is complete and not cumbersome characteristics.

We combine traditional brewing methods with modern techniques to improve the quality of the equipment and the quality of the beer.We can design it according to your requirements, such as material, capacity, appearance, voltage and so on.We have the most experienced workers and engineers with advanced technology, which are sold to various countries every year, and constantly improve according to different needs of customers, which makes us constantly innovate and break through.

This equipment maximally maintains the natural freshness and beer nutrition, brewers can prepare different beers, such as wheat beer, red beer, yellow beer, fruit beer, dark beer and other fresh green, pollut-free beer, so that according to the taste of guests, to meet the needs and tastes of different consumers. 

If you have it, you can make craft beer at home.It can be a wonderful experience if you often organize family or friends' parties, drink your own beer and eat food prepared together.

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