Polishing And Welding Of Our Red Copper Brewing Equipment

- Oct 15, 2019-

Polishing and welding:

Mirror polishing

- internal polishing: the whole polishing to 0.4 microns, no dead Angle.

- external finish: mirror finish, smooth and passivated.

- purpose: to ensure that the liner is smooth enough to avoid any dead corners, and that dead corners will cause the wort to taste worse.The outer case looks more like a work of art.

2.100% WIG welding

- all welds are argon arc welding.

- all welds have been welded.

- all welds are double-sided.

- purpose: use argon gas to protect metal welding materials, so that the welding will not contact with oxygen in the air, thus preventing oxidation of welding materials, thus making the tank strong and durable.

3. False bottom/sieve plate

- equipped with Lauter tank, laser milling, filter gap: 0.7mm

- the filter plate is made of CNC lathe complete stainless steel, strong, fast filtration and no leakage.The separation effect of wort and impurity is very good