Nano Brewery 200L

- Aug 12, 2019-

The interesting things about the people drink beer and nano-brewery


1. In fact, the first batch of brewers in human history is women. At that moment, the 

role of beer is just one way of nutrition adding.

2. If you think yourself is an incurable alcoholic, please don’t feel shame. Because of it 

just shows, you may be inherited some alcoholic genes from the N generation of human 


Babylon is one of the earliest brewing beer areas, Babylonian was popular to drink beer, 

they are serious and careful about this thing that drinks beer, even they made a law: 

During the beer trading process, if your beer was seen as the not suitable or low-grade, 

then you will be sentenced to underserved punishment by use of your brewed beer.

3. Ancient Egypt also has drunk beer culture, but their purpose is more make others feel a little fantastic because 

according to the ancient Egypt documentary record, the medicinal ways of beer have more than one hundred.

4. Maybe this reason, so the wage of ancient Egypt people is three parts of beer every day.微信图片_20190812141801

5. Of course, the people drink beer as a hobby not only the ancient Egyptian and old 

Babylonians, Vikings are also like drink beer. The Vikings thought, when they were dead, 

will have a giant goat is waiting for them. The goat’ breast has endless beer supply.

6. As time goes by, the beer function is more specific by excavated. In the middle century 

of Europe, every people will drunk 220-250L beer every year on average, the reason is as 

same as those British people going to India, they think water is not clean, beer is better for 


7. The children in the middle century, there are no doubts they add nutrition are not like modern kids by drinking milk, at that time, the adult encourage them to drink much is beerThe time goes to the 17 century, its influence has been large to the pregnant women, the midwife will brew strong beer to lighten the pain of mother birth.  


8.  In 1814, London happened a disaster, the source of disaster is beer, a large beer keg which is equal to the amount of 3500 kegs capacity of beer burst, a beer wave that is up to 1.4 meters drowned the London.

9.  The time goes to the 1850 years, Louis Pasteur finds pasteurization, beer is more close to the modern. However, this finding of his is due to he studied the beer, he finds beer still have” activity”, made his strong curiosity.



10.    The time to now, we can always find some contacts with” history beer”, for example, in 2010, people find a bottle of beer is the two-century before which is in a slinked ship of the sea. It was thought of as the most historic and can also be drunk beer in the world.

     The beer is from the first start of add nutrition, to medicinal, to many other kinds of function, they 

     are always going human history develop to develop. In nowadays, beer, especially craft beer has         become a living way, a show of attitude.