Main Features Of Wine Filling Machine

- Dec 18, 2018-

(1) Adopting the principle of low vacuum filling, the bottle wall is filled, no alcohol, no foaming, and the liquid level is consistent after filling.

(2) The bottle with the bottle is not filled automatically, no liquid is sprayed, and the bottle is not broken. The well-designed bottle-holding device is made of high-quality materials, with reasonable design, high-end processing technology and precise compression-damping ratio to ensure the service life of the bottle-holding device.

(3) The filling valve adopts the most advanced filling principle in the filling industry, reasonable design, excellent quality and precise processing of parts to ensure the liquid level requirements after filling.

(4) In the case of not disassembling the filling valve, simply lift the valve up and turn the clockwise 15 degrees to open the filling valve. This is convenient for the filling barrel and the filling valve. Perform a reverse rinse. The single pin fixed valve body structure, the light pull pin shaft can extract the whole valve core, the principle is simple, and the maintenance is extremely convenient.

(5) The filling machine uses imported high-sensitivity liquid level probe, imported liquid level control device and pneumatic angle seat valve to make the liquid level in the filling barrel fluctuate within 30mm. This device can realize the synchronous action with the drinking pump, and can realize liquid filling without the high tank.

wine bottling machine