Main Classification

- Sep 19, 2018-

1). Press the type of filter unit: column and plate.

2). According to the way the filter is used: integrated and free-standing.

3). According to the way of use of additives: reversible and regenerable.


Generally, the plate type can be coated with diatomaceous earth film in both directions. The water flow can be filtered from the positive direction, and can be filtered in the reverse direction to save the switching time of filtration, recoil and coating film. The coating film can be adjusted according to the design. Thickness, filtration rate from 2m / h -10m / h.


Generally, it is a column type, the filter is a tank type, and the cylindrical filter unit is placed inside the tank. When the filter is stopped, the diatomaceous earth in the tank can be reused when the machine is turned on, saving diatomaceous earth and backwash water. The coating film is thicker and the amount of dirt is higher.

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