Linear Filling Equipment

- Jun 27, 2018-

The filling equipment in packaging equipment has received more and more attention in the market. The safe filling of the whole production line has a great influence on the quality. With the development of automatic technology, China's filling The equipment has made very good progress, technical support has no need to rely on foreign technology to support, let us introduce the filling method classification of filling equipment:

Linear filling equipment

Linear filling equipment is a relatively common equipment in the filling line. Its market application and technical maturity are among the earliest and relatively comprehensive equipment in the filling equipment. Straight line filling machine is very common in paste filling, powder filling and particle filling. Straight line filling adopts a relatively good line method, and its production and filling is relatively simple. The linear filling equipment is improved on the basis of reference to similar foreign products, and some additional functions are added. The product is simpler and more convenient in terms of operation, precision error, installation, equipment cleaning, maintenance and so on.