Kombucha Brite Tank Delivering To Taiwan

- Jul 13, 2019-

Nowadays, Kombucha has been more and more popular, in 2017, Retail sales of refrigerated kombucha and other fermented beverages surged 37.4 percent to $556 million.That is a big number which catch worldwide businessman eyes.

So what is Kombucha, what it is used for?

Kombucha is a typical fermented tea. Mixing tea, sugar, water, and Kombucha strains or SCOBY (yeast and bacterial symbiotic bacteria) for fermentation, producing carbon dioxide (foaming), alcohol, acetic acid (fermented sour) and lactic acid, propionic acid, glucuronic acid And other organic acids such as gluconic acid, the resulting fermented beverage with health benefits and strong taste is Kombucha.


As it is healthy, one of our Taiwan customer start to make this drink, he first make fermentation for this drink in small simple fermenters 115L, as tanks below. It need to be open, for Kombucha need oxygen when fermentation. At first, he make the Kombucha fill in beer kegs and move the kegs into a refrigerator, which he thought it is too hard to operate.

115 L fermenter

We have contacted with each other for more than 10 months for this first order, at first he has a limit budget, can not afford a Kombucha brite tank. After about 10 month, he placed his first order for one brite tank. Later, in 2020 year, he will place a full set 1000L kombucha system, that time he will also come by us to place order.

Below is what we have customized for this Kombucha brite tank:

1.He has a limit budget, so can not buy one double layer tank, we afford him a single layer tank with cooling jacket, below is the polishing and welding some detail photos.

Ruijia tank detail polishing welding  (2)

2. He has a limit width and height for the elevator, for his place in the 11st floor, need to loaded the tank in the elevator first. We have departed the legs to 2 parts, which could be connected with flange, then he could depart the legs and when arrive space he will install.

Ruijia 5BBL brite tank manufacturing photos-Shawna  (3)

3.He want to add some fruit in this kombucha brite tank, we add a hook just inside and under the manhole, that is easy for his operation, that will hook a yarn bag instead of adding a false bottom to increase the cost.  Below is the tank detail technical drawing, any kombucha tank needed please feel free to let us know.

We are specially for design and customize all tanks according to customer detail requirement, please let me know your detail contacting way, and send inquiry to us today to solve all your brewing problems!