What is Kombucha

- Jul 13, 2019-

Nowadays, Kombucha has been more and more popular, in 2017, Retail sales of refrigerated kombucha and other fermented beverages surged 37.4 percent to $556 million.That is a big number which catch worldwide businessman eyes.

So what is Kombucha, what it is used for?

Kombucha is a typical fermented tea. Mixing tea, sugar, water, and Kombucha strains or SCOBY (yeast and bacterial symbiotic bacteria) for fermentation, producing carbon dioxide (foaming), alcohol, acetic acid (fermented sour) and lactic acid, propionic acid, glucuronic acid And other organic acids such as gluconic acid, the resulting fermented beverage with health benefits and strong taste is Kombucha.


Kombucha originated in China and is known as kombucha fungus, haibao or weibao. It was popular around the 1980s. According to legend, 150 years ago in the bohai sea of China, there was a grocery store clerk, in a process of making tea, accidentally poured the tea into the sugar bowl, and then taste the taste is very delicious, thus, the first generation of kombucha was born.

Although once due to process health clinics, kombucha is not a pandemic, but was excavated by modern kombucha tea, with the progress of industrial technology and product production system is complete, with its rich taste, bright color and the concept of health, to win the love of consumers in Europe and America region, and sell well all the way, sweeping into the international beverage market, broke the silence beverage market for many years. Not only was it safe, but the taste was improved to make it more modern. For example, several kombucha products newly launched by Evolution Fresh, a branch of starbucks, are made from fermented gongfu black tea, pu 'er tea, green tea, etc., matched with cold-pressed juice, and some ginger juice and other condiments. There are six types in total, with different flavors.


The effects of kombucha

How on earth can kombucha become popular in Europe and America? The appearance level is high and the good drink is still in the second, more important is that it carries the "health" label.

1. It AIDS digestion. Kombucha is a fermented tea, rich in beneficial enzymes, probiotics and acids that flush the gut and enhance digestion. For example, lactic acid, produced by lactobacillus bacteria, helps our bodies break down food and get rid of waste products. Gluconic acid also stimulates the healthy growth of the intestinal microbial ecosystem. As a result, kombucha can reduce digestive problems such as bloating, belching, constipation or diarrhea, and help eliminate other health problems such as acne and fatigue, as well as ameliorate long-term underlying health problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes.

2. A healthy immune system. In kombucha tea fermentation process found a called diacid 1, 4 - D - glucose ester (DSL) within the potent antioxidants, clinically proved that it can reduce oxidative stress and relative immunosuppression (a process caused by free radicals, the process often leads to our cells "rust" or worse), and not in ordinary black tea. Some scientists believe that the presence of DSL and vitamin C in kombucha is the main secret weapon against cell damage, inflammatory diseases and diseases of the immune system. In addition, we know that probiotics found in kombucha support the immune system.

3. Lose weight. Kombucha is rich in acetic acid and polyphenols, which can help us shake off swimming rings and harvest waistcoats. A 2005 study showed that kombucha boosts metabolism and controls fat accumulation. The body's metabolism is largely controlled by hormones, which are directly affected by the gut microbiome ecosystem, which is why building a healthy and balanced gut microbiome ecosystem is an important factor in maintaining body shape. There is no doubt that the probiotics in kombucha help the body build a healthy gut flora.

4. Turn up your energy level. Kombucha's ability to boost energy is due to the release of iron during fermentation. It also contains caffeine (in small amounts) and B vitamins, which energize the body. The release of iron, through a special chelation process, increases the hemoglobin content and the oxygen content in the tissues, playing a positive role in the process of energy production at the cellular level. In other words, the tea is designed to keep regular drinkers active by giving them more energy.

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