Jinan Beer Equipment

- Jun 14, 2019-

For people live in Jinan, drinking is never a problem, they have bottomless of spring water in their river of roadside. For drunkard in Jinan, there is nothing comfortable than drink a beer in the neon light of night. The beer in Jinan have lively, also close people’s life. When the barbecue of summer, you must can have seen beer barrels on the street ,also can see every small shop on the street side have its own craft beer brand , and on the old street, young man ride bike at meantime, their hands hang beer with bags. 

The first Jinan beer brewery was set up in 1970, in that time the Jinan government decided to convert Shandong Alcohol Factory Jinan Alcohol Branch to a brewery. On May 18th, 1975 the first beer finished produce, is called “Baotu Spring”In 1981 years, man decided to change stone materials factory in around BaiMa mountain that was established in 1945 into a brewery. That time October 7th the brewery had alread produced out their own beer, and their brand called ”Arctic Ocean ” Moreover, beer are gradually accepted by the people as time goes by, Jinan set up Gold Beer Factory, Yuquan Beer Factory etc. However, in the 1980s end, the production are more than needs caused many beer can't be sold out. All over the country brewery have 800 factories, their competition was fierce and 1/3 of them were difficult on business. Then,  in 1990 years Jinan Beer Brewery and Baima Beer Brewery can be merged together, and set up Jinan Beer Groups. Output, value of the output, income etc make it become top five in this industry. But, Since 1994, Jinan Beer Group’s production has entered a long standstill period of six years. At this time, Tsingtao Brewery entered the Jinan beer market, there is intense competition between them.


Up to 2009 years, Jinan Beer Group stopped to production, and was defeated by others suppliers. Now, Tsingtao has been get the Baotu Spring beer’s brand, marketing networks etc intangible assets. The popular Baotu Spring beers on draft and bottles on the market are produced by Tsingtao brewery. The Jinan Beer Brewery located in dike street, has been changed to a hotel in the D7 cultural creative industrial park , the hotel still own previous beer technology and culture, brew craft beer. Shandong Beer factory, this since called “ Asia first alcohol factory” due to had been need to help solve problem by others all the time and suspend production and bankruptcy.