Is Wort Grant Necessary For A Brewery Equipment?

- May 28, 2019-

When you brew the beer, do you have met the problem that it is negative pressure for the bottom of the false bottom/filter plate?Or sometimes, your pump is still working while there is no wort in the lauter tun?

The above will have big problem and will make the tank to be out of shape and also the pump will damage easily if it runs idle.

One solution to this problem is to purchase a speed controller for your pump, but these are expensive. Another option is to install a ball valve on the outlet side of a centrifugal pump to restrict flow, but ball valves can be difficult to use for fine-tuning liquid flow. A lauter grant represents another possibility.

A lauter grant is simply a vessel that collects the wort from the lauter tun. The pump is plumbed directly to the lauter grant instead of the lauter tun. Gravity gently pulls the wort from the lauter tun, thus minimizing compression of the grain bed. A float switch can be used to turn the pump on when the grant is full, thus freeing the brewer to tend to other things.

While there are several types wort grant:

Now we introduce two types.

1)The first is the glass wort grant. It has CIP ball to wash inside.

Also you can see inside clearly.


2)The 2ed is the stainless steel type with the floating ball control or the level sensor control.


So when there is less wort, the pump will close and when the wort is full, the pump will start to work.

1.How to keep beer fresh longer in bottle?

R:After filling beer in bottle, put some suger and make beer have second fermentation in bottle.

R:After finish fermentation, the yeast is removed using a diatomaceous earth filter and then the residual yeast is killed using a pasteurizer.

2.How to brewing 4 batches beer within 16 hours.

R:This depend on the brewhouse configuration, we suggest them use mash tank   kettle tank boil/whirlpool tank   hot water tank.