Instructions For Use

- Mar 27, 2019-

1. When transporting, the cabinet should be kept as straight as possible, and the inclination should not exceed the maximum.

2. The refrigerator is placed in the air circulation, cool and dry, no corrosive gas around the environment, remember to avoid the heat near the heat source

Direct light, the wall around the box should be kept more than 10cm, should be placed flat, so that the box is stable, so as not to cause vibration or excessive


3. The refrigerator can not be turned on after 5 minutes of installation or shutdown, do not start immediately after shutdown, and can not be opened within 30 minutes after handling


4. Note: Do not use sharp metal tools to remove ice.

5. If the ambient temperature is large, dewdrops may be generated on the outside of the cabinet. This is a normal phenomenon. Please wipe it off with a soft dry cloth.

6. Please clean the oil dust on the condenser and fan regularly to ensure energy saving and the best cooling effect.

7. The temperature inside the box is controlled by a thermostat, and the user can adjust the temperature according to his own needs.