How To Save Wine Produced By Brewed Beer Equipment?

- Nov 25, 2019-

1. The beer produced by the brewed beer equipment should be stored in strict accordance with the time of production, the product variety should be placed in order to be disinfected into the warehouse and then sold. It must be noted that it cannot be placed in the cold storage for too long.

2. Beer temperature requirements are more severe than other beer without yeast. The temperature in the cold storage must be suitable and can have a certain inhibition.

3. Ventilation is also very important. Let's say that if the ventilation conditions are not good, maybe I will change our label.

4. Beer can't be placed directly in the open air environment. To avoid sunshine and rain, try to avoid direct sunlight.

5. There are live yeasts in fresh beer. Under the high temperature, it is easy to be rancid, so the beer should be stored below 15 °C, and the best temperature is about °C. This maximizes the foam contained in the beer.

6. The temperature should not be lower than 1. 5 ° C, not long-term storage at low temperatures, beer will always freeze at low temperatures and become turbid. It affects the taste and quality of the wine.

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