How Do You Make Wort In Craft Beer Equipment

- Nov 25, 2019-

The main process of beer production is fermentation, which converts the sugar contained in the wort into ethanol and carbon dioxide. The premise of fermentation is to convert the water-insoluble components in the malt into water-soluble components, especially fermentable sugar. The conversion and dissolution of these water-insoluble components is the purpose of the preparation of the wort, and is also the basis for the fermentation of the wort between the main leaver and the post-fermentation.

1. Wort preparation (including wort treatment) is carried out in a saccharification plant.

2. The malt enters the malt pulverizer from the malt stand, is moderately pulverized in the pulverizer, and the pulverizer is installed on the saccharification workshop.

3. The malt pulverized material and water are mixed and fed in the saccharification workshop, and the raw material content is decomposed as much as possible through the saccharification pot and the gelatinization pot.

4. In the filter tank, the soluble leachate in the wort is separated from the water-insoluble wheat grain material.

5. The wort and hops are boiled in a wort boiling pot to impart a bitter taste to the beer. After the wort is boiled, the saccharification yield is calculated to check the work of the saccharification workshop.

6. In the cyclone sedimentation tank, the coagulum in the hot wort is separated from the wort and settled, and the separated wort is cooled into the sheet cooler because the fermentation must be carried out at a low temperature. The cold coagulum in the cold wort is separated from the thin plate cooler and the filter by a filter or other equipment, and is installed in the cooling plant, and the fermentation begins after the wort treatment is completed.