Filling Equipment Structure

- Apr 26, 2018-

Filling agency:

It is mainly composed of finished water pipes, water storage bags, lifting and filling valves, positioning and assembly. After the bottle is positioned, the filling machine moves up and down under the action of the cylinder and controls the opening and closing of the valve by the bottle mouth limit control. The product water is injected into the bottle through the pipeline and the water bag is filled into the filling valve to ensure the filling accuracy and the liquid level are adjustable, and the filling sealing property is ensured.

Bottle washing mechanism:

Mainly consists of rack, stainless steel frame, water inlet pipe, bottle head, rail, lower water tray, upper water tray and plexiglass cover. After the bottle is positioned, the bottle mouth is turned over and inverted 180 degrees to wash and rinse. After the completion of the rotation of 180 degrees, to the conveyor chain, the bottle can be effectively washed inside and outside, and avoid splashing of the washing liquid, with excellent maintenance interchangeability and reliability.

Rotating mechanism:

Combined with the technology of Italy, Germany and France, it adopts the capping mechanism of imported high-energy permanent magnets, with flat cover and top cover device, low waste cover rate, adjustable torque, stable and reliable operation and high pass rate of cover.

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