Craft Beer Brewery Fermenter

- Jun 25, 2019-

Product description

1.Equipment introduction

Fermentation is a tank welded by stainless steel. The inner part of the tank is composed of three layers of inner liner, polyurethane warm layer and outer cladding. The lower part of the upper head is tapered (the cone angle is generally 60°72°75°90°), which is easy to discharge. yeast. The tank is cooled by a Maitreya plate to facilitate control of the fermentation temperature. The tank can be used for both upper fermentation and lower fermentation.

2.the main structure of the equipment

3mm butterfly head, inner liner 3mm304, outer 2mm304, heat preservation (polyurethane), breathing valve (safety valve), cooling Maitreya board, sewage outlet, manhole, thermometer blind tube, cip casing, wine detour, ice water Import and advantages

Proper aspect ratio, easy to convect the fermentation in the tank.

Cone angle between 60-90°, easy to recover yeast

The tank is cooled by a Maitreya plate, the cone is lowered by 1 section of Maitreya, and the cylinder is 1-3 sections of Maitreya, which is conducive to yeast sedimentation.

The fermenter is equipped with a solenoid valve and a temperature sensor to intelligently monitor the temperature of the tank and adjust the fermentation temperature.

The top of the tank is equipped with a separate exhaust pipe. During the pre-fermentation, the gas in the tank is discharged from the exhaust pipe to prevent the liquor from overflowing from the tank and can also be used for carbon dioxide recovery.

The tank is equipped with a separate cip pipe and rotating washing ball for 360° cleaning and disinfection of the tank.

The exhaust pipe is equipped with a precision mechanical pressure regulating valve. The valve body is engraved with an adjustment scale for precise adjustment and easy operation.

Install oil-filled seismic pressure gauges with high precision and resistance to damage.

Install an air pressure relief valve that automatically opens when the tank is under negative pressure or pressure is too high to ensure tank safety

The equipment legs are equipped with adjustment pads for adaptability to the site.

The universal taper is installed in the taper to adjust the direction of the wine bend in the tank during the wine picking.

The tank is fitted with a sanitary elliptical pressure manhole at the waist and can withstand a pressure of 0.5 MPa.

Install sanitary sampling valve, pure mechanical structure, easy to clean and not easy to stain.

There is a drain valve at the bottom of the tank.

All valves on the tank are hygienic butterfly valves, and the butterfly valves are locked and can be adjusted according to customer demand.

80mm inner tank insulation layer is filled with polyurethane foaming agent for good insulation performance. Reduce refrigerant loss.

The effective volume is 0.8 times the total volume, leaving enough space for the fermentation


4.Attachment function

Hops add port: used for hops during customer fermentation

Level gauge: observe the liquid level in the tank

5. process advantages

The inside of the tank is pickled and passivated to avoid hygienic corners.

The tank is welded on both sides to avoid leakage of equipment.

When the nozzle on the tank is welded, the inside of the pipe is filled with argon protection, and the one-side welding is double-sided.

The inside of the tank is polished to 0.4μm, the inside and outside of the head are polished, and the outer weld is polished into a 4mm sanding belt.

Arc transition between the lower cone and the barrel, avoiding dead spots after double-sided welding

After the equipment is welded, the equipment is pressure tested, and the cooling jacket is tested for pressure. The test pressure is 0.2 MPa and the pressure holding time is 72 hours.

The bowl and the outer joint are bowled and concave, and the surface is smooth and beautiful.