Construction Installation Points

- Nov 28, 2018-

1). The filter foundation shall be constructed according to the design drawing. The anchor bolts of the stable equipment shall be firmly integrated with the concrete foundation. The pre-buried holes shall be cleaned before pouring, the bolts themselves shall not be skewed, and the mechanical strength shall meet the requirements; A moisture barrier is required.

2). For each filter to be transported, the transportation equipment should be decided according to its weight and shape, combined with on-site construction conditions. When installing, the rigging must be inspected and the length of the sling rope should be the same to prevent uneven force and deformation or damage of the tank.

3). The piping installation of the filter should be positioned flat and stabilized. The valve handle should be installed in a direction that is easy to operate and neatly arranged.

4). The top of the filter should be equipped with an automatic exhaust valve at the top of the filter and a drain valve at the bottom of the filter.

5). Install the FRP observation port on the filter backwash tube.

6). A pressure gauge should be installed on the filter inlet and outlet lines, and the pressure gauge should be oriented for easy reading.

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