Complete Craft Beer Brewing Process

- Nov 26, 2019-

The complete craft beer brewing process is mainly divided into four major systems: crushing, saccharification, fermentation, and refrigeration.

       The pulverizing system mainly refers to the pulverization of malt. The malt pulverizer can make the malt smash without breaking, which makes the malt have a high sugar yield and can get higher quality mash liquid after entering the saccharification system.

       The saccharification system is divided into four processes: saccharification, filtration, boiling, and suspension. In this process, the choice of raw water determines the quality of beer. Many brewers will choose professional water treatment equipment to produce higher quality beer. Guaranteed impurity-free and pure. Hops are the soul of beer. Hops are added during the boiling process of malt, which can precipitate the protein in the malt and thus clarify the wort. The aroma of hops and the fragrance of malt make the beer have a refreshing aroma and implicit bitterness. Hops can make the beer form delicate and rich, long-lasting beer foam. At the same time, hops also have natural antiseptic power, which is of great significance for the long-term preservation of our craft beer.

       In the fermentation system, the beer fermentation process is a process in which beer yeast uses a fermentable substance in the wort to ferment a variety of enzymes and metabolize ethanol and carbon dioxide under certain conditions. This process is long and critical enough. The stable fermentation temperature and suitable yeast activity make the beer flavor more layered.

       The quality of the refrigeration system determines the entire beer brewing process. Whether it is a saccharification system or a fermentation system, the refrigeration system must participate. From plate heat exchangers to fermentation tanks to beer storage, this all determines the craft beer. quality.

The complex brewing system also reflects the value and quality of craft beer. To make high-quality craft beer, every link must not be neglected. Not only must the choice of raw materials for craft beer be made, but also the choice of brewing equipment should not be sloppy.

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