Combined Saccharification System

- Feb 14, 2019-

The system is equipped with a pulverizer and a plate heat exchanger to complete the entire saccharification process from malt pulverization to wort characterization, and to produce a suitable fermented squeezing wort. Includes two parts: the saccharification boiling pot and the filter whirlpool. The system is made of stainless steel, the shape is decorated with copper plate, and it is insulated by special insulation materials.

Saccharification boiling pot: malt impregnation, saccharification also used as boil for boiling, main components: saccharification pot, electric heater, with reducer, motor mashing pot: the saccharified mash is mixed and evenly leached out of the active ingredients in the malt, even heating and heating Device: For heating sputum, divided into two groups of six, which can be used separately or simultaneously according to needs. The voltage is 380V reducer, motor: agitator power source, the stirring speed meets the process requirements. Filtration rotary tank: divided into upper and lower parts, the upper layer is the filter tank for the sputum filtration, solid-liquid separation; the lower layer is the swirling groove. It is a device for separating coagulum, hops and wort. Filter tank: The main components are stainless steel filter plate, water sprayer, wort discharge pipe and so on. Filter plate: installed at the bottom, should be absolutely horizontal, the mesh hole is a long dovetail hole, the effective filtration area is more than 8%, to ensure the quick separation of wort and material, and the wort is clarified and filtered. Water sprinkler: Install and center the equipment, evenly sprinkle water for the washing tank. Wort drain: Eliminate clarified wort filtered through a filter plate. Wort audition: reduced production filter wort clarity swirling tank: After boiling, the wort enters through the pump in the tangential direction to form a centrifugal vortex, forming a sediment pile at the bottom of the bottom of the swirling tank to separate the solid and liquid. Grouped equipment:

1. Pump: stainless steel sanitary pump, choose high quality products from professional manufacturers.

2. Piping system: The sputum is circulated between the two combination pots according to the public welfare needs, adding water or sending out the wort.

3. The pulverizer: smash the malt, the squat type.

4. Plate heat exchanger: sealed cooler, to achieve the purpose of cooling. The equipment of fixed-point public manufacturers is selected and imported stainless steel plates are manufactured.