Beer Making Machine Brewery

- Jul 24, 2019-

In nowadays, more and more people start to want to own themselves beer making machine, they maybe used in brewery, develop their local beer business, or used in home, hotel or lab etc. All in all, beer making machine becomes is a popular.

Is it easy to open a craft brewery ?

In American, from Michelin culinary to cheap bars with smoky, craft beer is exist in the almost every aspect of life. Once someone said, the fans of craft beer are most of delicate, well educated, and fully curiosity person. The former means American craft brewery market fully, the later meaning the customers of craft beer have strong purchasing power. The makes American brewers still can keep its independence, even if in the situation of economic uncertainty.

Moreover, the American brewers social group are usually glad to help each other. Most of craft brewery are willing to help people who in the trouble, like after Sierra Nevada mountain made a campfire, social group fundraising is the most representative example. 

In the 21st century, American craft beer are being rises in incredible speed, but in the industry, there have some voices all the time to discuss the market bubble of craft beer. Although this phenomenon is great for craft beer drinkers like you and us, this is a problem for craft beer social group.

If you manage a home-brewed bar, it means you have 1/4 craft beer sold internally in the store. The advantage of this is relative steady, this management way is just also save the fee of beer packing and transport.

If you manage a mini brewery that they yearly production are least 15000 kegs, and sale 75% beer in the outside of factory, the problems are channel promotion and supply side.

The scale of brewery is too much, it will be difficulty control your management idea, the scale of brewery is too small, they will can’t have competition in the nationwide, if you plan to go on in this industry, we are both need to progress and change.

The first-class craft brewery that has been acquired these years proves this argument, and other craft brewery are also working together to find the future direction. Like Goose island, Red Hook, Blue point, 10 Barrel etc. The brewery which was acquired need money and professional knowledge to keep produce beer, the purchaser need entre market in local and expand another income to keep growth.


With this models grow and develop, the craft brewery will be face more and more problems. The fierce competition and capitals integration of industry development , must be survival of the fittest, under this pressure, the brewed quality of beer will be the first factor, however face the various changes of rapidly development directly, also is the key to guarantee long term development.