Beer Brewhouse Equipment

- May 31, 2019-

The rise of brew house beer make many love beer people start their brewing. In fact, brewing beer process are not complex and mysterious as we imagine. We can brew beer with delicious and fresh taste in your kitchen at home. 

Brewhouse beer process is like an experiment, looking at the slight changes that occur after the hops and malt match, this change will show many beer taste, this is the charm of fermentation.

In 1587,  the first batch of beer brewed in the new world, and occur in colony of Virginia which belongs to Sir Walter Raleigh. Then develop in Europe, the accumulated beer brew culture began to take roots in north American. American beer history date from the first Europe settler in here. Not long after that, the center of home brewery transfer from Europe to the north American.


Although in the 17th century, the American business brewing brewhouse has been appear, but the mainly source of beer is home beer brew. It is usual  phenomenon that high-society at that time brewed beer in the manor.

When  from big Maritime Navigation Era into the industrial revolution, beer brewing industry start rapidly developing. Baking malt process are no longer need open fire, temperature can control easily, good seal container appear etc. They provide very convenient for beer brewery industry. As same as before, home brewery still is a lifestyle same like cooking, baking at home.

American issued a law about prohibition against brewing beer in 1919, Produce and purchase or sale drink contain alcohol are illegal. Finally, in 1933 the prohibition of beer law are cancel. Beer can be drink, but brewed beer at home still illegal. Until 1978, home brewery began to legal. 


Charlie Papazian was set up American Homebrewer’s Association. The appearance of this association has a big meaning to American beer brewery development, and make the best effort to help and protect home brewery brewer’s duty. Still up to now, it still the home brewery brewer’s base camp. 

From American, Europe to Asia of china, Japan, Singapore….home brewery and craft beer society revolution nowadays has closely connected, actively promote the development of the industry.