Barcelona International Beer Festival

- May 28, 2019-


Spain's geographical location belongs to southwestern Europe. The climate is warm and dry, and it is rich in grapes and other crops. Grape wine is the mainstream throughout the ages. With the rise of Europe and the influence of the American craftsmanship culture, Spain now has nearly 200 fine wineries, showing that the global influence of craft beer is increasing.

From 2012 onwards, the three-day Barcelona International Beer Festival will be held every year at the famous Maritime Museum in Barcelona (where Columbus sails). At present, the Barcelona International Beer Festival has become a nearly 200 exhibiting wines from more than 30 countries around the world. A large beer festival with more than 500 kinds of fresh beer and tens of thousands of people. There are also national brewing competitions, famous wineries and winemakers' meetings, the Spanish Craft Beer Forum and some local winery tours.


There is a large blackboard on the side of the museum that shows the current beer types for each booth, including winery information and beer names. The two younger brothers in Spain held the communication equipment in contact with the organizers of the event. Once they received the news, they quickly updated the beer at the corresponding position on the blackboard. After writing, they slammed the big bell above.


Then the shocking scene appeared: the audience cheered, as if there was another new boat. When the afternoon was the most drunk, it was always the cheers and bells.