Are Paper Beer Bottles Coming?

- Oct 12, 2019-

In recent years, in order to reduce environmental pollution, more and more beer brands have developed various environmentally friendly packaging.  However, most of the changes were made to the outer packaging of bottle labels and connecting buckles. The wine bottles were mainly made of glass bottles and aluminum cans.

 Now, someone finally started working on the beer bottle.

 Carlsberg has released two samples of its eco-friendly beer bottles, which are made from recyclable wood fibres, which are “paper” beer bottles.


 The two paper beer bottles have a compartment inside that allows the bottles to hold beer. One sample uses a recycled PET polymer film compartment and the other sample uses a 100% bio-based PEF polymer film compartment.

 These two samples will be used to test the barrier technology in order to make a polymer free 100% bio-based material bottle. 

 In fact, as early as a few years ago, Carlsberg Group announced that it would build the world's first biodegradable wood fiber beer bottle.  The Green Fiber bottle at that time was so long.


 At that time, Carlsberg also said.  The wood used in the manufacture of GreenFiber bottles will be used at the same speed as the tree planting in order to be sustainable.

 Today, the idea of this paper beer bottle has finally taken another big step forward.  Carlsberg also announced that it will work with other leading global companies to develop sustainable packaging through advances in paper bottle technology.

 Carlsberg has introduced a number of packaging innovations, including recyclable packaging films, eco-label inks and the innovative "Snap Pack".  This "Snap Pack" allows the cans to be glued together, replacing the plastic packaging used in the original six-pack.

 So this paper beer bottle, are you optimistic about its promotion prospects?