About Craft Beer

- Oct 12, 2019-

As one of the oldest drinks in the world, beer has a history of 4,000-5,000 years. It uses water and malt as the main raw materials, adds hops and is fermented by yeast. In recent years, craft beer has become popular in the world and is known as “liquid bread”. According to different raw materials and brewing techniques, the craft beer can produce yellow, white, red, dark, brown, barley, wheat, bitter, fruity, festive beer with various flavors and flavors. , health beer, etc. It is an ideal choice for hotels, barbecues, restaurants, bars, resorts and other dining and entertainment venues for direct use.

Craft beer equipment can be divided into home brewing equipment, hotel/restaurant small beer equipment, small brewery production equipment, and medium-sized brewery production equipment depending on the place of use.

The whole beer equipment is composed of a pulverizing system, a saccharification system, a fermentation system, a refrigeration system, a control system, a CIP cleaning system, and a water treatment system.