5BBL Used Brewery Equipment- Honey Brewing Beer

- Aug 24, 2019-

Honey just used for the brewing of mead?No, also can use it to brew beer!

The difference with mead, the important point of honey beer also is beer, honey, its function is more flavor adding.

Most of the people think to add honey into the beer, is replenished as a source of sugar. But in fact, honey can also bring beer much exquisite taste, and in the meantime add expression layers of beer taste. So, brewers of all the world have both positive tries to make honey beer.


Arrowwood Farm is the first one to get certified organic farm brewery in the state of New York. They devoted themselves to make many kinds of organic crop products to add in the brewing process. So, their beer is a relationship with crops, season, climate and ground, water in there, honey is as their common use one of organic adding material, they have lots of experience.


Yazoo manages the hive near Nashville farmland, and find, these bees like to collect honey in places where pines are concentrated. When they use this honey to the process of beer brewing, like Yazoo has one kind of Abeille wild bacteria ale, except the taste of Abeille wild bacteria ale, honey in the second fermentation process during, also bring to the citrus, pepper, wildflowers, and pear smells.

Some brewers called honey brewing beer is“sweet trouble”, the sweet is honey can bring beer so exquisite taste, for trouble is not just only stung by a bee. Service Brewing has to stop their “beehive plan”, the leader Sutton said, “ Bee-keeping is a very take time, money and person thing, I manage beehive, don’t hope to use any chemical or agricultural drugs to control pests and germs. Because of lacking experience for bee-keeping, the result of totally bee-keeping by organic is that mosquitoes are throughout, bees are suffering. The project stopped at the end.

The mosquitoes, germs and flowering plants that have been sprayed with pesticides are the problems for bee-keeping people need to think. Although some places can avoid spraying by pesticides, but bee like fly anywhere, have no certain way can totally promise this cute creature’s safety. Rogue’s brewers Michael King said:” make beehive placed nearby the flowering plants is very important, but also make away from the area that was sprayed with pesticide and nearby the street place.微信图片_20190824144855

Make honey to brew beer, the first step is taste and distinguish honey type.

It is very important to find its taste of difference, need to taste honey constantly. Orange flower honey is familiar type by lots of brewers, but also lots of other type honey, like radish flower, lavandula, blackberry flower, pear flower, can be recognized their subtle difference taste, so when using for brewing, they will to be in their's element.

Although one taste will be a trend in this time, but this trend will not continue too long, and is easy to replace. So, if this technology not explore new things, they will be in flood in the new trend. People mentioned this point, many support honey enter to brewing organizations are both making develop to active action develop, National Honey Board, is one of them.


For brewers it is the starting point of innovation from Lab-beer, for example, Arrowwood Farm is using yeast that apart from beehive to fermenter. On the other apart, Vista Brewing is also popularizing honey beer knowledge for customers, make honey beer combine with food matches, honey education, try to launch various tasting activities.

In fact honey beer is not only make honey as accessory put into beer, brewers choice bee-keeping, use beehive’s yeast to brew beer, and also have a kind of feeling; that is the taste of a party of soil and water, melting into wine.