3 Kinds Cleaner To Wash Beer Fermenters

- Jun 20, 2019-

If you have a brewhouse, when finish making beer, you need to wash beer fermenters right?

During the fermentation process it will produce a large number of protein, hop resin, polysaccharide, yeast and other organic matter and calcium oxalate, sulfate and other inorganic matter, after the fermentation tank is empty, organic matter and inorganic matter dirt adhere to the wall of the tank, is yellow-brown. When tartar is abundant, the surface appears white, just like the surface of saline-alkali land. Inorganic matter and organic matter are interwoven together, which is difficult to be cleaned by ordinary cleaning.


So this time you need the cleaner not just simple water to clean. Flange installation

parts and some butterfly valve clamp connection, the surface is not smooth, there is a

cover, narrow space these have caused the fermentation tank dirt is difficult to clean

and remove. So we should learn about how to wash the fermenters, how many

cleaners we have for washing? Below details for your checking.

Cleaner for beer fermenters are generally classified into water, alkaline cleaners and acid cleaners.

1, Water cleaner

water cleaning agent is not introduced here. Ordinary cold water or heated water is a water washing machine.


2. Alkaline cleaner

Alkaline cleaner are sodium carbonate, sodium silicate and sodium hydroxide.
Sodium carbonate keeps the pH of the solution, but it is difficult to wash off.
Sodium silicate is mainly used to inhibit corrosion of copper, aluminum, tin and zinc surfaces. Sodium hydroxide, also known as caustic soda, is the most commonly used type of caustic, and is relatively inexpensive. The effect of sodium hydroxide to remove oil and grease is very obvious.


3. Acid cleaner

The main acid components of the acid cleaning agent are: nitric acid, sulfuric acid and phosphoric acid. Among them, nitric acid is the most widely used in the cleaning of breweries. The diluted nitric acid or phosphoric acid can easily remove the beer stone, and the sulfuric acid can be used in combination with the waste yeast and diatomaceous earth to wipe the surface of the copper container.
Special Note: Hydrochloric acid cannot be used as an acidic cleaning agent because it is highly corrosive to stainless steel, and the volatilized gas can cause great damage to the human body.


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