Ruijia 1000L Brewing Beer Craft Machine

Ruijia 1000L Brewing Beer Craft Machine

Ruijia brewing beer craft machine is made of food sanitary stainless steel. Brushed outer shell.
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Ruijia 1000L brewing beer craft machine

Mash/Lauter Tun

Be made of food sanitary stainless steel. Brushed outer shell.

Thickness of insulating layer: 80mm, Thickness of inner body stainless steel: 3mm, outer shell is 2mm

Rake plow/ Grain out door, Milled sieve plate; Grain washing round pipe; CIP rotary spray device

Top mechanical agitation (Bauer), motor with CE UL certification.

Top mounted manway with full glass, manway handles material is stainless steel; Top decorative funnel; light fixture with LED; thermowell;

Bi-mental thermometer and temperature probe;

Bottom wort collect

All valves are stainless steel, with tri-clamps; NPT connect ports etc

With all matched valves and accessories.

Brew kettle /Whirlpool Tank 

1.  Be made of of food sanitary stainless steel; Brushed outer shell;

4.  Steam jacket

5.  With liquid meter

6.  Thickness of insulating layer: 80mm; Inner Body Thickness: 3mm, outer shell is 2mm

7.  Top mounted manway with full glass; Light fixture with LED;

9.  CIP rotary spray device; safety combination

10.  Bi-metal thermometer and temperature probe

11. Tangential whirlpool line at the side

12. Outer and Inner plate protection , and ribbon polished on all welds

13 All valves are stainless steel, with tri-clamps; NPT connect ports

Work Platform
Completely stainless steel setup
Integrated stairs or ladder
Solid and ground hand rail
Mounting points for controlling panel
Every weld to a smooth sanitary finish

Fermentation tanks 

1.  To be made of stainless steel 304. Brushed outer shell.

4.  Inner body thickness: 3mm. Outer thickness 2mm;

6.  Side man way; Ladder and lifting ear. Hop add port

7.  Tank top is domed, with 60°cone bottom

8.  Dimple plate cooling jacket. Dual glycol zoned jacket;

9.  Kieselmann brand mechanical pressure regulator valve; SUS solenoid water valve, Tri-clamp breath valve and sample valve; With liquid level meter

10. Bi-metal thermometer and temperature probe;

11. CIP rotary spray ball. Beer outlet and drain outlet with butterfly valves

12. Interior and outer tank weld place s do polish.

13. Stainless steel legs and braces on adjustable feet

14. With necessary fittings and valves, NPT connect port.

Hengcheng Micro craft beer brewery equipment brewing beer craft machine

Heat Exchanger

Function: Wort cooling

Brand: NanHua

Two stages for glycol water and cold water

Completely 304 SS Corrugated plates

Full detachable for regular thorough cleaning

Thermometer for wort outlet temperature controlling

Effective Cooling Area: 20M2

Tap water, glycol water, wort inlet and outlet

Controlling box

  Controlling: PLC control with touch screen

  Function: Brewery controlling

  Cabinet Material: Sanitary SUS304

  Instrument panel

  Electrical Parts: Schneider, Omron, mitsubishi, MW, Delta

  Whirl pump on/off include VFD

  Rake or Agitator motor on/off included VFD

  Temperature display and Auto/Manu heating Control for brewhouse    tanks

  Auto/Manu Glycol Water Pump control

  Temperature display and Auto/Manu Control for FVs and BBTs

Hengcheng Micro craft beer brewery equipment brewing beer craft machine

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