Bar Beer Plant

Bar Beer Plant

Do you like craft beer? Do you want to run a bar? Let us satisfy you.We have a large number of export orders around the world every year, advanced equipment and exquisite production process, all in order to achieve high quality beer
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Product Details

Bar Beer Plant of 200L

Malt milling system

Type: Mill stone type and double roller type see pictures as below:
Advantages: Special malt mill for beer with advanced technology, after repeated improvement design of the latest products, has a lots of advantages, such as: small size, large output, reliable performance, energy saving, durable in use, simply maintenance and so on.


Mashing system

Can be 2-vessels, 2 tank/3-vessels or customized,

The surface can be copper or stainless steel;

Two vessels: mash/lauter tun, boiling/whirlpool tun;

Two tank three vessels: Mash/lauter tun/whirlpool tank, brew kettle

Hot liquor tank can be optional.


Fermentation system

Beer fermenting system mainly includes fermentation tank, bright beer tank, and yeast propagation equipment.

After more than 20 years research and development,We have got rich experiences in design, 

manufacture, installing, debugging and service. We have supplied thousands of sets / pieces 

fermentation system products to many factories at home and abroad. We have the advanced 

fermentation technology in the world.


 CIP Cleaning System

The main equipments of CIP cleaning system are: hot alkali tank, cold alkali tank, acid tank, disinfection tank, recycling water tank, CIP transfer pump etc.


Our company 

Our company have nearly 10000 sqare metres of modern production workshop,with a nuber of production lines,humanized management,assembly lie operations.Each process is equipped with quality inspector to ensure that each order can be delivered on time with high quality.And We have more than 20 years experiences.