500L Micro Craft Beer Brewery Equipment Brewing Beer Craft Machine

Ruijia 500L Micro craft beer brewery equipment brewing beer craft machine is used for beer making in factory small to medium volume.
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500L Micro craft beer brewery equipment brewing beer craft machine

What products do we provide?


Ø Turnkey brewery projects and microbrewery plants, pub brewery plants.

Ø Turnkey ethanol production projects and craft distillery plants.

Ø Turnkey monosodium glutamate projects and equipment

Ø Turnkey wine production projects, winemaking plants.

Ø Biomedical fermentation projects and equipments.


What are our advantages in the industry?


Ø Dedicated team of consulting services: We have a whole well trained marketing team to provide the most user-friendly consulting services to customers before they make decisions.

Ø Professional team of technical engineers: We have the most professional team of engineers for project design, equipment selection, system utilization, all of which make sure that the brewery system are up to customers’ satisfaction.

Ø Industry leading manufacturing facilities: We have the most complete production line for equipment construction with over 110,000 square meters of production plants and state-of-the-art manufacturing machines.

Ø Complete quality control and management systems: We have acquired ISO 9001:2008 certificate, ISO 14001:2004 certificate and OHSAS 18001:1999 certificate, which all ensure reliable product quality, strict production control and therefore reliable product experience for customers.

Professional technical services and support: We also have a professional team of project engineers, who are responsible for system installation, commissioning and all after-sales technical support.

Mashing system
Mash tun

Mashing Process: Decoction, Infusion. Multi-step infusion. Steam heating with natural gas boiler with CE Certificate.
Lauter tank
Kettle/Whirlpool tank
Power is 1.5KW.

Fermenting system
Fermentation tank
12pcs*1000L or 6pcs*2000L
Dimple plate jacket for cooling, dry hops in the top of tank.
Bright beer tank
12pcs*1000L or 6pcs*2000L
Carbonation port to fill CO2, Make beer clear and refresh.

Cooling system
Glycol water tank
Use for cooling wort, fermentation tanks and BBT.
World-Famous Coolsoon brand, use for Glycol water tank.

Cleaning system
Disinfection tank

Equip with electric heating elements, clean for all the tanks when it finish brewery.
Alkali Tank
Control system
PID Semi-Auto
Instrument panel
Control all tank's temperature, motor and pump's show on/off

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