300L Beer Brewing Equipment

300L Beer Brewing Equipment

300L Ruijia brewery equipment used in home, hotel, small factory, bar or pub etc
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What is Features of our 300L beer brewing equipment ?

beer brewed equipment

1.    The inner of the 300L home brewery equipment are made of high quality stainless steel, safe and easy to clean, and use food grade technology. Of course can also support use others material

2.    Tanks are made up of three parts, insulation, outer cladding layer, inner liner. The thickness of insulation is 80 mm, its material is rock wool, can keep the tanks in the constant temperature.

3.    The whole 300L beer brewing equipment consists of mashing system(include mash, lauter, whirlpool, kettle, each function can in any combination according to your require), fermentation, cooling system, control system, CIP system or called cleaning system, these systems can finish the whole brewed beer process.

4.    The manufacture craft: our factory workers will polish the inside of tanks to 0.4 micron(0.4 m), the top head cover tanks inside and outside polish, outer cladding layer  welding polish to 4mm sanding belt.

5.    It is shock and difficult to corrosion, heat resistance and strength is high, high color fastness, no deformation, waterproof and long service life.

6.    The equipment supports three heating method, steam heating or electric heating, direct fire heating for you to choose.

7.    All the valves on the tank adopt sanitary butterfly valve, the butterfly valve have lock, the customers can adjust flow rate according to your requires. 

8.    About the welding, our equipment use two sides welding, can avoid the equipment appear liquid leaking.

9.    CIP cleaning available car is easy to install, repair, economic cost low, can effective clean the container and pipes etc production equipment on the spot.

What is specifications of our 300L brewed beer equipment 

brewery equipment


Ruijia 300L beer brewing equipment

Applicable industires

used for brewers in hotel, bar, home personal etc

Band Name


Place of Origin

Jinan, China(Mainland)

Mashing system/Weight

Mash/lauter tun, kettle/whirlpool ; 170kg per tank;


CE certifited


Beer brew


Five years

Trade terms:

1. Payment: FOB/CIF etc trade terms, when contract signing need pay 30% deposits, then pay 70% balance before delivering.

2. Delivery time: it is decided by shipping company and contract signing date, other factors.

3.Package information: Standard export wooden case, plywood.

Why choose us ?

1.    We are Chinese professional beer brewing equipment manufacturer and supplier.

2.    100% QC inspection Before Shipment.

3.    Best Quality & Best Service with Competitive price.

4.    24-hours full service and professional technology team.

5.    Free installation and design customize service.